Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 3

Charlie is shedding a lot more than we expected. (EEK!) He does have really long hair and he hasn't been groomed for quite some time, as far as I know. They did give him a bath Sunday morning and we've been brushing him a LOT- which has helped. We're getting him in Wednesday morning for a summer buzz. I hope that helps our issue- we thought a dog who needs to be groomed would shed very little....so hopefully we can get this under control!

He's getting used to things and is finding his favorite spots. He really likes the area under our deck- I'm sure it's nice and cool down there.

My parents are coming to visit tonight- they're driving 2 hours from the big N-town. I suppose they'll get here around supper time and we'll grill out with my brother tonight. None of them have met Charlie- so he's in for a treat. They all love dogs, so he'll have some new besties.

We have been going for walks and I can't get him to poop IN THE GRASS! (And yes, I always have my bags along, for those of you who are wondering). He doesn't know to step to the side to do his business, so he ends up making quite a mess on a person's sidewalk. I do my best to clean up, but good grief!! I know he doesn't know any better, coming from a puppy mill and his time at HUA, so we're really working on that with lots of praise when he does the right thing in our yard. It's only been a few days. He's a smarty and he'll catch on. I just wasn't prepared for sidewalk smearing!

I'll be updating with pictures of his new weave tomorrow! He's going to look like a completely different dog!

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