Thursday, July 2, 2009

a new man!

He did it! Charlie went to the pet groomers! I took him to a really great place called "Precious Pets". They let the dogs wander around the shop and play with each other while they're waiting for their turn. It sounded like they'd work on a dog for a while, give him a break, work on another dog, give him a break, etc. The dogs get to socialize and become familiar with the people who are grooming them. Charlie walked right in and started making friends instantly- which was no surprise. He's such a social butterfly!

Here are the before and after photos!

He looks so much better now! Plus, he new shave will be a lot cooler for summer. His ears are soft and mat-free, which makes him very happy!

He was so happy running around in the backyard once he got home. My parents were down to visit and fell in love with him. He fell even harder for them! I'm disappointed I didn't get any photos of him with them. I thought about it a million times, but never got my camera out! :( We'll be making a trip to visit them for a week or so in July, so we'll be sure to get lots of photos then!

And at the end of the evening, he completely crashed! It must have been exhausting to socialize all afternoon!

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