Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm still here!!!

I know I haven't posted forever. Neither has my mom. Here's what happened: we've been SO BUSY!!! We had some friends staying with us from Japan for 2 weeks. They're good friends of mom and dad and they were back in the states visiting family and stocking up on goodies from home. I completely fell head over heels for them. 2 new bffs!

I also took over the gardening this summer for mom and dad. She took a few photos of me picking tomatoes. I never gathered enough to share. Somehow I always ate them all before I got back in the house. Here are a few pics.

Mom and I also took a few photos (again). She's crazy about me. Enough with the pictures!

So, for those of you who are still checking, I'm doing great. My eyes aren't as droopy as they used to be, and I'm just LOVING my family like crazy. We're very busy, but they keep me in the loop. I go with mom to run errands- return movies, buy stamps, drop stuff off at a friends house, you know....stuff like that. We go on family walks in the evenings and I always eat lunch with dad during the week. Life is good. :)

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