Monday, August 3, 2009

Movie Party!

*Mother's Note: After getting to know Charlie, we're pretty sure that if he could speak, he would have a low voice and a slight speech impediment. In place of "s" sounds, we insert the "th". In order to make your blog reading more authentic, you may choose to insert the "th" sound wherever you see an "s". This will help you feel more like you're listening to Charlie, as well as provide a good chuckle.

Mom :)

Hey guys,

Monday, Monday. We had a pretty good weekend. I took lots of naps with my ball. And chewed on it a lot. And carried it almost everywhere I went. It's my favorite toy.

Mom and Dad let me go to Uncle Mike's house for a movie party on Friday night. We walked over and had pizza. We played outside for a long time- Uncle Mike loves throwing the ball for me. I'm really fast. When it was too dark to play outside, we went in and watched the movie, "Gran Torrino", which was awesome! I loved it becuase of the cool car. Mom and Dad loved the message of the movie.

Here are a couple of pictures of me and dad walking to Mike's. Mom and Dad make me stop at every corner and wait until they say "OK". Then we can cross the street. Mom said that Grandpa Mike and Maddie do that. That way she knows not to cross the street before he says OK. I guess that's what we're doing too.

Here's me and dad ringing the doorbell.

When we got there, Uncle Mike almost had the pizza done. He said it was Papa Murphy's pizza. I don't know who Papa M is, but he sure does know how to cook. That food smelled so good! I ate before we went, so I wasn't hungry. While the boys were getting supper ready, Mom and I took a picture. I showed you my best side.

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  1. Charlie, I think you are getting spoiled rotten. :) And it's what you rightly deserve. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress! It looks like you found the best furever home possible!