Wednesday, October 7, 2009


October is mom's FAVORITE month....she's been baking up a crazy storm in the kitchen since the cold weather set in.

I guess I'd better explain myself. Mom started school in August. Now she's not home with me ALL DAY like she used to be. She goes to work, Dad and I hang out for a while and then I go down to sleep in my bed. Then he comes back and we eat lunch together every day. Mom comes home early in the afternoon and we spend the rest of the evening doing family things. I just LOVE my fam....they're the best. :)

Last night mom and I baked "Maddie's Pea-MUTT-butter" treats. We cooked them up and made up treat bags for all the neighbor dogs. Then mom, dad and I went for a walk and delivered them to my friends. Tomorrow mom is taking more to her friends at work to give to their dogs. I think they'll really like them. MMMMM-mmmmm!!!!!

I can't even wait for this weekend. Mom and dad are taking me to Grandma and Grandpa E's FARM!!!!! I'm so excited and we'll take LOTS of pictures. I'll try to post again soon. Sorry it's taken so long- but I'm doing GREAT!!!


P.S. Guess what else!? In a couple of weeks, mom and dad are letting me stay with Grandma and Grandpa M. again!!!!! They're my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! (besides mom and dad) I love running with Maddie in the back yard. It'll be so aweseome!

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