Monday, June 28, 2010

1 year anniversary!


Today is Charlie's one year anniversary of living at our home! Or, maybe it's our one year anniversary of having an incredibly adorable pup who has mom's heart wrapped around his little paw! It's been such a fun year with him, so I think I'll do a photo recap. We couldn't be happier about having him live here.


Helping Dad decorate the Christmas tree

Opening presents with mom- “Dogzilla” toys, which didn’t last a week. :(

Sleeping in Maddie’s bed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Celebrating my 5th birthday with my friend, Ann. Mom and dad threw a huge party for me and everyone brought presents. I was so loved!

Celebrating mom and dad’s anniversary with them. Family photo.
Giving kisses to my buddy, Addison.
Lovin’ on mom…
Rolling all over Grandma’s blow-up bed when they came to visit. Grandpa let me sleep with him in his bed all night!
Helping Grandma find some stuff in her bag.
Sitting with Uncle James in the front seat on the way to Mother’s Day at Grandma’s.


More pictures coming this afternoon…..

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  1. We love Charles! Happy belated anniversary, Sweet Puppydog!