Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hey guys- it's me, Charlie. Another lazy Sunday, another day in paradise! I'm really starting to love it here! My parents are crazy about me- especially mom. She's kind of nuts, I think. She's always talking to me, even when dad isn't around. Silly lady...

Mom's family was in town this weekend and she took me over to Uncle James' house to visit. Everyone was there, including Maddie. It was fun to see them again. She and I are getting to be better friends. We watched a lot while James and Grandpa Mike worked in the basement. Mom calls it the "man den" that they're building. Lots of tools and pretty cool stuff. I made sure to stay out of the way, and mom made EXTRA sure I didn't get into anything I wasn't supposed to.

Today they did lots of cleaning, I took about 27 naps and barked at a few people passing by out front. I'm starting to relax a lot more. I know that when they move from room to room, I don't always have to follow anymore. I'm getting really good at sleeping through the bussling around the house.

Speaking of things I'm good at, Mom taught me how to sit. I'm awesome at it. It makes her so proud and I feel pretty good too. Did I already tell you about that? Maybe....but I'm really excited. Next thing is to "shake"...whatever that means.

Well, I'm off for another nap. Have a great rest of the weekend!!

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  1. How is he so stinkin' cute? I just wanna smother him with hugs and squeeze 'im! Guess it's a good thing I'm 1500 miles way--cuidado!